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Unzip fails, illegal character

Jul 15, 2014 at 2:07 PM
Hi there, I'm working on a little backup program.

The user has to specify program folder, then my program scans the folder for files with a specific extension. It shows them in a checked listbox, the user checks which files he wants to backup and they are then written into an array.
I then zip all the files with your library and protect the archive with a password.
When I manually unzip the archive with Windows Explorer, it asks for the password and extracts all files with full foldernames. It looks like this:

ExtractFolder\Program Files (x86)\Program\Settings\settings.xml

If I try to extract the archive with my program, it gives me an exception that there's an illegal character and it doesn't extract. But how can there be an illegal character exception, when the "normal" extraction works fine?