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Can I use the DotNetZip Library in a Microsoft WinForm 4.0 .Net project?

Nov 20, 2013 at 8:59 AM
Hi. I see that the DotNetZip library can be used in any .Net project of 2.0 or greater. But then elsewhere I have found references that it the DotNetZip library is still in .Net 3.5, which may or may not be still true based on the age of the discussion.

I have a project where the DotNetZip library would be helpful but the project is in .Net 4.0 full and has to stay that way. Likewise, it is hard enough to get people to install one version of .Net so getting them to install both 4.0 for the project and 3.5 for the Library is utterly impossible. Computer users are like old women: They love to complain. The resistance and the complaining would be never ending.

Therefore, I have to ask the question (1) can your DotNetZip library be run on a computer that only has installed on in .Net 4.0 full? If the answer is No, and I have seen discussion of the intent to release a .Net 4.0 version of the library, (2) WHEN is the expected delivery date for this 4.0 compatible version? (3) Has your group firmly committed to create this 4.0 version and is it in the works right now? (4) If releasing a 4.0 version of the library is neither certain nor close, could I download the source and recompile the library to version 4.0 myself? (5) If others have already recompiled the library to version 4.0 on their own, are there any known problems to preclude producing the library as a 4.0 version. Please reply. Thank you in advance for your kind answers?