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[] Problem uncompressing buffer.

Nov 7, 2013 at 11:10 AM
This is the code i am trying to run:
The contents of "orig.dat" are as follows:
78 DA 2D CA 41 0E 80 20 0C 05 D1 BD 87 F1 4E A4
7E A4 A1 50 D2 56 BD BE 01 5D BE C9 50 32 D2 36
76 67 DE 20 A0 30 ED 4C BE 9C D5 AA 70 8E 5F 17
24 52 AF B0 C5 C2 C3 E0 3E CB 72 C3 C1 94 E4 7B
F5 86 3D E0 B3 C4 E4 0B 83 D0 26 19
What i get:
Bad state (invalid stored block lengths)
What i expected:
(Note, each line break in there is a single line feed (10) A.K.A "\n" character.

I have been pulling my hair all day with this problem. Using QuickBMS to check the compression it works as expected with algorithms 1, 167 and 170 which are:
    COMP_ZLIB,          // RFC 1950
While I don't expect the reader to be familiar with QuickBMS i wanted to make sure it wasn't me who was wrong here, trying to deflate non ZLIB data.

I appreciate any help i can get with this, i really don't want to give this up.