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Generating type library for C++

Aug 13, 2013 at 11:19 AM

I am trying to use DotNetZip in a 64 bit native C++ application on Windows. I had some issues with registration but managed to do it and can instantiate the classes from VB script.

Next I proceeded to generate the type library from the Ionic.Zip.dll but failed to achieve this satisfactorily. regasm generates the type lib with all the classes, interfaces etc but the interfaces do not contain any functions. I have checked this on Win2003 (32 bit) and Win2008 (64 bit) servers. For instance:

struct __declspec(uuid("addb00cf-7653-3f9a-8bec-1d37721384d4"))
_ZipFile : IDispatch

I have checked the generated .TLB file with OLE View utility and found the same info. How can I generate the complete type lib?