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unzipping files produces by zlib

Jul 24, 2013 at 5:12 PM
Within an App I am developing I extract a zipped file, coded in base64, from an xml file. I have done the base64 conversion to produce the original zip (which contains just text in the original unzipped state). The original zip was produced using zlib for some reason known only to the original programmer.

The zip file I have extracted will open in the Windows XP environment with WinRAR but not with the Windows zip facility. I just simply need to extract the base text file from it from within my C# code. I have loaded the full DotNetZip dll into the project, but when it attempts to extract from the zip it comes up with an error message saying that the file is not recognised as a zip file.

Am I doing something wrong, or will this library simply not work with a zlib zip?