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With Debug CLR Exceptions on, using wildcards results in "Invalid Characters in path"

Mar 7, 2013 at 9:57 PM
Hi, I've been working on a small app that uses DotNetZip to handle packaged files. It works perfectly, but when I turned on all the exception debugging (as sort of a last pass before the app goes in for testing), I found that any use of wildcards returns a first-chance exception claiming that there are invalid characters in the path. For instance, this line:

ICollection<ZipEntry> myFiles = myZip.SelectEntries("(name != *.bla)");

throws the exception, whereas if I just simply remove the *, then no exception fires (although the results are not what I want - I need that wildcard):

ICollection<ZipEntry> myFiles = myZip.SelectEntries("(name != .bla)");

It's clearly not a problem with anything else, such as the path to the zip itself, since that second line fires no exception whatsoever.

I know it may be a moot point (since the app appears to be working perfectly fine despite the exceptions), but I'm not a fan of seeing exceptions like this firing. I've tried it with brackets, without brackets, with single quotes, without single quotes, and several other methods, and all results are the same - if the * is present, the call fires an exception (although the return value is exactly what I wanted).

Am I doing something wrong here?