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Support for Mac via Mono


I have been using DotNetZip on WIndows to unzip a password-protected zip file, and it works fine.
I have now ported the app to Apple Mac, by using the Mono framework to be the shim between the .net code and native Mac. The app works, but DotNetZip no longer unzips the zip file. I was getting an exception thrown by the call to Directory.CreateDirectory from the ZipEntry.InternalExtract method, exception error message "path is empty". Even though I can see the path being passed in is non-empty, it is something like "/Users/PaulF/.config/testfolder".
I looked at and modded the source code a bit to get it to work. Namely, the ZipEntry.Extract.cs file, ValidateOutput method. I get the OS platform, and if it's MACOSX or Unix, I avoid messing with the path in a couple of places (see attachment).
This change seems to be sufficient for my needs; but I was wondering if you had any thoughts about the code change? do I need to put any disclaimer into the modified version of the dll if I want to distribute it for my Mac app ?

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