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.Save() hang



I am using the lib (v..9.1.8) for the first time
I have successfully written a simple .net console app to get a list of files and save them into a specified zip file (new each time)

It is so simple to use yet powerful, so Well DONE!

However, when I re-run the same code (inside vs2012 Pro) but on a larger number of files (>1000) some of which are a large size (e.g. several at 500mb) then the .Save(<filename>) method simply hangs and processing seems to freeze and VStudio is still running.
I can stop/pause and processing returns to VStudio

(It works with other tests and >1000 files but smaller in size than this, more typical, folder contents)

Whilst it is "processing" the destination folder contains a temp file "DotNetZip-ac1qi3yg.tmp"
if I copy and rename this to a ".zip" then I can open it but it fails to test and complains of errors in the file
(I guess its not complete)

Because of the 1000 files and some of which are 500mb, i left this to perform its magic for over an hour and still the same -no joy.

Is this normal, is there a limit on files/sizes or is there something else wrong?

In all cases I am using the .AddFiles( <list of files()>, <foldername>) as the method to add files
works when only smaller set of files

Any advise/pointers would be appreciated



Enigma644 wrote Oct 4, 2016 at 6:07 AM

I have this exact same issue. All my tests run fine, then I give my app a real word test with my documents folder and it hangs after creating a ~110MB temp file.
I'm doing .AddFiles() for ~17k files, then doing a .Save() and reporting progress with the SaveProgress event.

Each time it hangs, it's at roughly, but not exactly the same point.

Anyone got any suggestions?

wrote Nov 2, 2016 at 10:08 AM