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1.5 DotNetZip Library

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Released: May 28, 2008
Updated: Jan 21, 2009 by Cheeso
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Source Code
source code, 303K, uploaded Sep 10, 2008 - 8335 downloads

Other Available Downloads

application, 509K, uploaded Sep 10, 2008 - 3969 downloads
application, 185K, uploaded Sep 10, 2008 - 2914 downloads
Application DotNetZipUtils-v1.5.msi
application, 567K, uploaded Sep 10, 2008 - 1316 downloads
application, 358K, uploaded Sep 10, 2008 - 1525 downloads
Documentation DotNetZipLib-v1.5.chm
documentation, 254K, uploaded Sep 10, 2008 - 2351 downloads

Release Notes

This release is outdated. See the releases box on the right for the latest.

This is the final v1.5 release.

If you find DotNetZip useful, consider donating. I am now accepting donations on behalf of my favorite charity.

Key features and fixes:
  • Added a progress event to the ZipFile class, useful saving large zip files.
  • ZipFile.SaveSelfExtractor - allows saving a zip file as a self-extracting archive.
  • ZipFile.UpdateFile(), UpdateDirectory(), UpdateItem(), UpdateFileStream() - allows updating entries in an existing zipfile
  • ZipFile.RemoveEntry - allows removing an entry from an existing zipfile.
  • ZipEntry.LastModified - is now read/write. You can set the lastmod time when creating a zip.
  • Now allows saving directly to Response.OutputStream from within an ASP.NET page
  • ZipFile.AddStringAsFile() method to easily add string content to a ZipFile.
  • New utility to create self-extracting ZIPs.
  • Tons of doc updates, now including many VB code examples in the doc.
  • CRC validation upon extraction of files. Unzipping corrupted .zip files will now fail (correctly).
  • Fixed a bug relating to reading and writing zip files with zero entries. This now works.
  • Files added into zip archives now by default get the lastmod time for the filesystem file. Previosuly these files got DateTime.Now.

This release has these downloads:
  1. - the source code for the Zip Library, the setup (msi) project, and a bunch of examples that use the library. Download this if you want to play with the library, extend the example utilities, or perhaps modify and embed it into your own application.
  2. - a binary release, that includes of the signed Zip Library (DLL), the XML Documentation file for intellisense, the compiled help file (CHM), and the License. Download this if you want to write .NET applications that use the Zip library.
  3. - a binary release, that includes of the signed Zip Library (DLL), and the License. Download this if you want to distribute .NET applications that use the Zip library, or if you want to run a .NET application that depends on this library. This is something like what Microsoft calls the "redistributable" of the .NET library.
  4. - a set of command-line exe utilities that rely on the library. zipit (Creates zips), unzip (obvious), and CreateSelfExtractor.exe (creates self extracting zips). Download this if you want command-line tools to manipulate zip files. The requisite ZipLib library is included in this zip.
  5. DotNetZipLib-v1.5.msi - an installer for Windows for the command-line Zip utilities that utilize the library. This MSI also includes the required Zip library. This is the same stuff as the, but in MSI form.
  6. DotNetZipLib-v1.5.chm - the documentation, a standalone download.

Reviews for this release

this is brilliant, fast, and small
by LloydSparkes on Oct 11, 2008 at 11:03 AM
Simple, Efficient, Straight forward. Saves me a lot of time. I am amazed about the processing speed, having had experience only with a commercial library in the past. 5 times faster!
by NetJack on Sep 21, 2008 at 4:32 AM
free, powerfull, easy, documented, code source
by LoicBerthollet on Sep 16, 2008 at 10:48 AM