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DotNetZip v1.9 is now released.

Jan 10, 2010 at 10:41 PM

DotNetZip v1.9 has been in development for a long time, since June 2009.  I've just declared it final and stable, and is available at .  There are some really nice features in this release, that I know you will like.

The big ones:

  • A Parallel-deflate option that automatically makes zipping up to twice as fast was it was in v1.8.  There's no change required in your applications to get the speed increase.  Just compile with the new DLL, and it's faster.
  • Support for multi-part ZIP files, also known as "split archives"  or "spanned archives".  This allows you to specify a maximum size for a segment, and then save the file into multiple parts or segments, each of which is that size. 
  • ZipOutputStream and ZipInputStream classes, which provide a simple stream-based metaphor for writing or reading zip files .
  • intelligent support for handing NTFS Junctions
  • Support for a WriteDelegate so applications can write directly into a zip file. 

There are a bunch of other smaller new features, too.   v1.9 also includes a big set of fit-and-finish updates as well.  For example, the library is actually smaller, even though I've added a number of features.  And, I've delivered the help file in a Visual Studio integrated help format, so you can get DotNetZip help from Visual Studio in a context-sensitive manner. And, I've done many small updates to the documentation. 

Because there are so many nice features, I've raised the price by 50%:  The old price was ZERO, so the new price is...... ZERO.  Ha!   But, DotNetZip is still donationware - I'm accepting donations if you feel generous. 

If you like the release, I'd appreciate if you could provide a review for it. 

v1.8 will still work, of course.  But v1.9 is likely to be more reliable, faster, and easier to use.