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Referencing Ionic.Zip in web.config server file

Mar 1, 2016 at 9:27 PM
I have created a web page using 'imports Ionic.Zip' with 'Ionic.Zip.dll' in 'bin' sub-directory and it works perfect on my local server. However, when the webpage is put on my ReadyHosting server it throws an error 'BC30002: Type 'ZipFile' is not defined'.
My help states the following:
"To use custom .dll files with your .NET applications:
  • Create a bin directory via FTP in your root application folder
  • Go through every Web application in your hosting account and upload and move the application contents (typically your assembly .dll file, any referenced components, and a possible debug file) into this directory.
  • Upload your web.config and global.asax files into the appropriate directories. You can have a web.config file in each sub-directory, which will override the parent directory settings.
  • Upload the rest of your files (typically just .aspx pages) into the relevant locations and sub-directories and attempt to access them via your URL. They will automatically find their supporting assemblies in the root bin folder, plus use the web.config and global.asax files you uploaded."
What should the 'web.config' entry look like to include 'Ionic.Zip.dll' (tagPrefix, assembly, namespace)?
Mar 8, 2016 at 4:19 PM
Problem solved. I put the 'Ionic.Zip.dll' in my 'root application folder'='' but I should have put it in ''.
My life is back in order and I can now sleep at night.
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