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DotNetZip revs to v1.8

Jun 30, 2009 at 2:10 AM

DotNetZip, the managed-code library and toolset for ZIP files, has been updated.  The new version, v1.8, was released today, June 30th.  All the 1.7 features are there: password-protected ZIPs, ZIP64, AES encryption, Unicode, Self-extracting archives, streaming, Compact Framework support, and more.

Highlights of the new release:

  • There's a COM wrapper for the ZIP library. Now you can use all those great features from environments that "do" COM, like VB6, MS-Office, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, and others.
  • Significantly improved performance while zipping and unzipping.
  • Self-extracting archives are now *also* ZIP files, can be opened by any compliant ZIP tool or library. SFX's generated by the tool also have a new cleaner UI, and an execute-on-extract option.
  • Now stores and extracts File attributes and high-resolution file timestamps accurately.
  • better quality and compatibility across the board.
  • a new GZipStream class to replace the BCL's bogus one. 
  • much more flexibility for adding or extracting files.
  • The GUI tool is now packaged in an MSI installer, and includes create and extract options, and supports drag-n-drop.
  • plenty of doc improvements and a bunch of new samples.

DotNetZip is still the easiest-to-use ZIP library for .NET, and is still free and open source.  Download the new version today,