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ANN: v1.8.2.3 - DotNetZip supports PHP, Javascript and COM clients

Mar 28, 2009 at 6:14 AM
Edited Mar 28, 2009 at 10:37 AM
Announcement; v1.8.2.3 is now available. 

New features in v1.8, as compared to v1.7: 
  • workitem 7366: DotNetZip is now ComVisible, usable from Javascript, VBScript, Perl, PHP, etc.
  • The Zip Reduced library is now marked as CLS Compliant and APTC.  CLS-compliance on Ionic.Zlib.dll also.
  • The Runtime is now a RELEASE dll, which is significantly faster than the debug DLL.
  • workitem 7241: better extract options when files already exist in the filesystem
  • workitem 7192: just-in-time stream provisioning when adding entries.
  • workitem 7072: file selector support (including wildcards) for Add/Extract/Remove/Select
  • workitem 7159: Ionic.Zlib.GZipStream, to replace the dysfunctional BCL class.
  • workitem 7067: SFX improvements. Now, SFX files are ZIP files as well as EXE files, and can be read, edited, updated by DotNetZip or by WinZip. Also, user interface improvements.
  • Improvements in the WinForms Zip tool. Now supports extract as well as create. It can be used as a replacement for WinZip. It gets set as the default "Open" tool for zip files in Windows Explorer when you install via the MSI. Also, myriad UI improvements. It uses and exposes the file selector stuff: You can extract "*.xml" from the UI.
  • workitem 7071: Properly store/set file attributes on Zip/Extract
  • workitem 6878: Properly encode and extract NTFS atime/mtime/ctime.
  • now sets LastMod time on Extract() on .NET Compact Framework
  • workitem 7191: icons set in Windows Explorer when the MSI is installed.

DotNetZip is still free.

Check it out!