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Issue creating selfextractor exe with greater than 2GB and running it on 32bit OS

Jan 16, 2014 at 10:47 AM
I am using Ionic.Zip to create self extractor exe. And I am able to run them on 64 bit operating systems. But once I run the same (which has size under 4GB..lets say 2.8 GB), I get some times error telling cannot find compatible framework version not found. But if I install the .NET Framework 4.5 (I tried on Windows 7 ), then it throws SHIM error (which microsoft says gets thrown if you run an app which is build for "x" platform and trying to run on "y".

The latter looks to me like on specific conditions the extraction happens with 64 bit mode enabled (not sure though).

ZipFile zip = new ZipFile();
if (!IsOperatingSystem64Bit())
      zip.UseZip64WhenSaving = Zip64Option.Never;
        zip.UseZip64WhenSaving = Zip64Option.Always;
I did as above but it still not helping me and the sfx options also doesnt have anything useful. Strange thing is that everything works well in both 32bit OS and 64bit OS until the exe size is under 2GB. 32Bit takes a toll after that. Any thoughts would be helpful.