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What is the modification date an extracted file gets

Jul 22, 2013 at 1:11 PM
After reading the documentation about "ZipEntry.LastModified" and "ZipEntry.ModifiedTime" and doing some test I am a bit confused.
I understood the problematics with the old "DOS" Date format, which is not a standardized time format and so on.
What I am trying to do is checking a zip Archive for entries and extracting only those files that have a different modification date from the files already existing on hdd.
So I want to check the zip entry for the date the extracted file would become.
But thats not as easy as I thought :-)
First issue is the "correction" you are doing there for "LastModified" by adding an hour in some cases. But that "correction" is obviously taken back again when extracting the file. So the Date in "LastModified" is not the date that the extracted file will have.
So the first basic question would be:

How do I get the exact modification date an extracted file will really become at the end?

Related question:
Currently I have only zip files which seem to have only the "DOS" date.
What will happen if a file has "NTFS" or "UNIX" times and "ModifiedTime" becomes valid?
Will the modified time for the extracted file then taken from there?

Do not get me wrong, I am aware of all the issues with "local" time and that I will never be able to compare dates on zip files from different sources.
But anyway, all I want to know:
What will be the date of the extracted file? And I want to know that before extracting it.