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How do you embed a .zip file into a c# project then extract using embedded DotNetZip?

Jan 26, 2013 at 11:35 PM

Title kinda explains it but what I want to do is create a single exe file (my visual studio project) that has the DotNetZip file embedded (I have done this successfully), but ALSO reads the .zip file to extract FROM THE COMPILED EXE. Basically I want to make an "installer" that extracts an embedded .zip file's contents to a certain directory.

Right now I have a folder with my compiled project (it has DotNetZip embedded in it) and an "" file that is being extracted.

Some of the people I give this to do not know that programs can have dependencies and some know that and how to make a .zip. I want to prevent ANY problems or tampering with the files.

I am new to programming so if you answer please explain what and how you do this.