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Incompatibility between DotNetZip, Windows Installer MSI, and InstallShield.

Jun 12, 2012 at 3:02 PM

We're having a problem with DotNetZip causing our MSI based installer to abort and roll-back. It happens everytime we attempt to invoke a managed code C# custom action that references the Iconic.Zip via a using declaration. the problem does not occur unless Iconic.Zip is declared. If it is only added as a library reference and not used, the problem does not occur. By the way, it doesn't seem to matter what we're trying to do with DotNetZip: even just trying to get a listing of the top level files in the archive blows up. We re-name the .XAP file to .ZIP before we attempt anything.

Now what we are trying to do is simple. We have a Silverlight portion of our app whose XAP file contains a configuration file that must be modified during installation. We can do this in a test environment with no problem in a test environment where a C# Program.cs wrapper invokes the Class containing the references to DotNetZip. When we run it from th MSI wrapper the class instance fails immediately upon invocation.

What is causing this? We are using v1.8.1.8 of the DotNetZip library and InstallShield 2012 Professional to generate the MSI and Setup Wrappers.

Ken Jinks

Sungard OMNI Web Solutions