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IE Self-Extractor .NET Framework Initialization Error

Mar 15, 2012 at 2:54 AM
Edited Mar 15, 2012 at 7:15 AM

I am programmatically creating a self-extractor and it works fine when running the executable from the local system.  However this self-extractor will be accessed through the web (IIS) and when trying to access this file through the Internet Explorer I am getting the following pop up error message ".NET Framework initialization error - unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application".  The odd thing is that the self-extractor works fine if I use Firefox. I created another self-extractor using a different utility and this self-extractor does what is expected and prompts to download through IE.  I am hoping I am missing a setting when I create package.  I am listing my code below.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


           DirectoryInfo soureDirectoryInfo = new DirectoryInfo(sourceDirectory);

           using (ZipFile zip = new ZipFile())
                foreach (DirectoryInfo subDirectoryInfo in soureDirectoryInfo.GetDirectories())
                    zip.AddDirectory(subDirectoryInfo.FullName, subDirectoryInfo.Name);

                foreach (FileInfo fileInfo in installPackageSoureDirectoryInfo.GetFiles())

                SelfExtractorSaveOptions options = new SelfExtractorSaveOptions();
                options.Flavor = SelfExtractorFlavor.ConsoleApplication;         
                options.DefaultExtractDirectory = @"C:\TempInstaller";
                options.PostExtractCommandLine = "setup.exe";
                options.RemoveUnpackedFilesAfterExecute = true;
                zip.SaveSelfExtractor(selfExtractorFilePathedName, options);