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Empty Directories not included in Zip file

Jan 17, 2012 at 12:02 AM
Edited Jan 17, 2012 at 12:25 AM

I've searched the discussions on this issue and did not find any answers. I did find one post where it was stated that this issue was fixed in a previous version. I am using version: and it is still happening. I have looked for some part of the code that would be something like: zip1.IncludeEmptyDirectories, but did not find anything.

I'm adding directories using AddSelectedFiles. If the Directory is not empty, it gets added to the zip file. If empty, no directory.

I would appreciate any and all help with this matter.


BTW: The project I'm working is pretty much dead in the water until I can get a fix for this :)

EDIT: I suppose it might help if I included my code...

 For Each dir As IO.DirectoryInfo In New IO.DirectoryInfo(options.Folder).GetDirectories()

               If dir.FullName <> music Then ' full path to My Music

                            If dir.FullName <> pictures Then ' full path to My Pictures

                                If dir.FullName <> videos Then ' full path to My Videos

                                    ' single quotes used for directories names that have spaces in them
                                    zip1.AddSelectedFiles("'" & dir.FullName & "*" & "'", options.Folder, "", True)

                                    Me._entriesToZip = Me._entriesToZip + zip1.EntryFileNames.Count
                                End If

                            End If

              End If

following that I use the usual code to save the zip file. As I said, any help is appreciated.