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Directory Structure and Renaming

Nov 22, 2010 at 7:08 PM

I have a problem similar to "how to rename", but slightly different.

I have files saved with temporary names. 1.tif, 2.tif, 3.tif.

The filenames are based of the ID in the database, and their directory is defined by the database, too.

I want them to be their proper names. "AFile.tif", "LookAtMe.tif", "WhatIsThis.tif", and such.

However, I cannot add them in the structure I want.

This case wipes out the directories:

zip.AddFile(FileSystemDirectory & dr("id") & ".tif", dr("directory")

zip(zip.Entries.Count -1).FileName = dr("proper_file_name")

How do I add a directory structure AND rename a file?


Thank you.